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Concrete Foundations


We are pleased to introduce a new and revolutionary foundation system that will save money and time and is of excellent quality. Tempest Building Systems™ concrete foundation systems save you time and money on your building projects. Our system is installed in less than half the time of conventional methods, and you save the considerable extra time and expense of framing and sheathing an interior wall surface. Our walls and foundations are resistant to all hazards.


ComparisionTempest Building Systems™ Are Fire, Water, Mold and Mildew Proof.

Conventional materials do not provide these safety and health risk protections


Patented Disaster Resistant/Recoverable Buildings & Foundations

Fire, Flood, Disaster Proof/Recoverable Building Systems

The best way to protect your investment and your building’s occupants is to ensure your building is Fire, Flood, Disaster Proof/Recoverable from the ground up.

At TEMPEST BUILDING SYSTEMS™, we specialize in building concrete structures and foundations that meet and exceed the challenging building requirements of today.

Fire Proof, Water Proof, Mold/Mildew Proof, and Termite Proof.


Eco-Friendly/Green Building Systems

All the materials we use are GREEN FRIENDLY and do not contain any V.O.C.’s, or Carcinogens. A nontoxic environment is key to long term health and wellness of building occupants.

Disaster Proof Above & Below Ground Concrete Shelters

Make sure you and your loved ones are protected from Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Wildfires and other disasters in a Tempest Bunker or Shelter. We will custom build an above or below ground shelter to meet your specific needs.

Underground Concrete Bunkers:Radiation,Tornado,Hurricane,Wildfire Protection

Our custom built steel reinforced concrete bunkers provide security in the event of a catastrophic event. Our Patented system provides the protections needed against RADIATION and other threats. Additionally, your Bunker is Mold, Mildew, Fungus and Fire proof. Whether you need a basic Bunker or prefer to send us a plan, we will build a Bunker that meets your specific needs and within your budget. Our bunkers are designed to be easily installed at your site and are far more affordable than other systems, while providing overall excellent protection. In comparison to similar sized steel pipe bunkers, our bunkers provide 27.4% more usable space and only require 3 feet of earth cover overhead to provide radiation protection. Most steel systems, however, require 8-10 feet of earth cover overhead in order to provide radiation protection. The advantages of our bunker systems over steel systems in terms of site work costs, overall space, level of protection, utility and the fundamental psychological impact of being underground for extended periods of time are tremendous.

Aboveground Concrete Disaster Shelters

In addition to underground bunkers, we also provide above ground shelter systems that can withstand the punishment of Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Wildfires and other disasters. We will work with you or your engineer in providing a shelter suited to your individual requirements.seal